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Her life has always been an artistic merry-go-round. Due to her international upbringing and living all over the world she has been involved and influenced by various forms of art. She successfully exhibited her sensual watercolours in Hongkong and Basel

Now a new chapter in her artistic life has begun. The last few years she has had extensive lessons and been vigorously taught, by the “Two Masters of Taxidermy” in the Netherlands

Using her new found knowledge she began to make two “dream groups” by combining sculptures of taxidermy with daily objects in universal themes. In the choice of her subject, material and composition, she expresses a tension between ratio and emotion with universal themes such as love, hate, solace, desire, euphoria, passion, seks and fear.

Important: all animals have died of natural causes and have come from zoo’s or animal shelters. Used fur is from old coats

Taxidermy is the “ART” of preparing stuffing and mounting the skins of animals. It is a highly respected craft. Faux Taxidermy is the art of regenerating and mixing (parts of) stuffed animals with mixed media

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